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We highly recommend FDQ’s professional bakery qualifications. They are particularly versatile and engaging.

Dawn Gemmell

Assistant Dean

University College Birmingham

Responding to calls from a baking industry struggling to recruit a fresh stream of talent, we developed this unique suite of bakery qualifications.

Since the launch of professional bakery qualifications in 2011 there has been a dramatic increase in students applying to train as bakers. This trend is supported by the popularity of programmes such as the Great British Bake Off and the keen interest of the baking industry to recruit young bakers.

The qulaifications within this suite are designed to be achieved in a learning environment and help provide good preparation and training for progression into further learning and work based learning. The qualifications cover a broad range of practical skills and knowledge in the following areas:

These qualifications are ideal to support learning in a college study programme.

Professional bakery qualifications

Suite overview

The qualifications in this suite are suitable for learners who wish to develop their skills and/ or understanding to support progression into further learning. 

These qualifications will offer learners the opportunity to develop intermediate or advanced practical skills and knowledge in a wide range of bakery manufacturing techniques.

Units within these qualifications cover bakery skills and knowledge relating to many types of bakery products including fermented products; flour confectionery; sugar and chocolate craft as well as enterprise knowledge.

These qualifications are designed for delivery in an off-the-job learning environment. They are complementary qualifications to support individual development for proficiency qualifications in Baking Industry Skills and also for Apprenticeships.


FDQ Level 2 Certificate in Professional Bakery

Qualification structure

FDQ Level 2 Diploma in Professional Bakery

Qualification structure

FDQ Level 3 Diploma in Professional Bakery

Qualification structure

Professional food qualifications

These offer learners the opportunity to develop practical skills and knowledge in an off-the-job learning environment.These qualifications are designed to support progression into futher learning and work-based learning. 

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