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All food manufacturing businesses have a responsibility to implement a food safety management system based on HACCP principles.

As part of routine inspections, FSA enforcement officers will check that a business has an appropriate food safety management system in place.

This is a system which involves analysis of manufacturing procedures at all stages to identify hazards; these hazards would then be analysed by the food safety system manager or HACCP Manager. On the basis of the findings the business should put in place a system which includes critical control points at key stages where higher levels of risk are identified. This enables a business to use procedures to reduce risk and make sure food is safe to eat.

Each food manufacturing business should have a system tailored to their particular production process. The size and complexity of the system will vary based on size and complexity of the business.

HACCP qualifications

Suite purpose

These qualifications are designed for food handlers and supervisors who are already working in, or preparing to work in food manufacturing or in food supply chain operative, supervisory or management roles. 

Level 2 HACCP qualifications cover the principles of HACCP based food safety systems, as well as the principles of food safety for manufacturing. These are suitable for operative level roles.

Level 3 HACCP qualifications cover the principles of HACCP for food manufacturing and are suitable for supervisory roles within the food supply chain.

Level 4 HACCP qualifications cover the principles of HACCP for food manufacturing and are suitable for management roles within the food supply chain.

FDQ Level 2 Award in HACCP-Based Food Safety Systems

Qualification structure

FDQ Level 3 Award in HACCP for Food Manufacturing

Qualification structure

FDQ Level 4 Award in HACCP Management for Food Manufacturing

Qualification structure

Learning focused qualifications

Trained and assessed in a learning or college environment, these qualifications are also known as vocationally-related qualifications (VRQs).

They are designed to support progression to the next level of learning.  

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Did you Know...L2 Butcher Apprentices receive FREE IoM membership


All FDQ Level 2 Butcher apprentices receive automatic free membership to respected industry body, the Institute of Meat, once they enrol and purchase their logbook? For the first time in its 71 year history the Institute of Meat (IoM) has opened its doors to apprentice members.

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Feedback from Industry Survey and NSAFD decision on future of Food and Drink Framework


A huge thanks to all of you who took the time to complete our industry survey on the closure of the Food and Drink Framework in April 2018. Although 87.5% of you voted against the closure of the framework, the NSAFD in their position as issuing authority, have chosen to press ahead with their plans to close it in April.

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