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Apprentice brewers may work for large-scale breweries with national or international production right through to small micro-breweries. All brewers though are responsible for making beer either at specific stages of production or in its entirety, from ingredients intake to the final product.

Pouring Beer

Completing FDQ's Level 4 Brewer Apprenticeship

Tasting Beer

Technical Brewer

Manage the beer making process to maintain a high quality end product.  As a Technical Brewer you'll be responsible for overseeing the brewing process as well as maintaining a smooth start to finish process of drink production.

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Checking the Temperature

Brewing engineer

Repair, maintain and provide technical support to the brewer. Be responsible for designing and installing components to ensure the smooth running of drink production.

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Lead brewer

As head brewer, you're responsible for managing and maintaining an effective end to end process.

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Level 4 Brewer Apprenticeship

Find out more about our Brewer standard, including qualification details, how to get started, and more.

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