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FDQ Food Technology Qualifications finally added to National Skills Fund.

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

After months of lobbying, the following FDQ qualifications will now be fully funded for adults under the National Skills Fund, part of the government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee programme.

  • FDQ Level 3 Diploma In Food Technology

  • FDQ Level 3 Diploma in Food Technology and Management

The move means that adults without a Level 3 (A level equivalent) qualification will now be able to access free training and gain a recognised qualification in the growing field of food science, management, and technology.

Despite working throughout the pandemic, initially no food industry courses were included in the scheme, announced last December.

Ftc Chief Executive, Bill Jermey kick started the campaign to change this with a letter to the Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson, just 24 hours after the scheme was announced. This was followed up with a front page story in Food Management Today, initiated by FDQ and supported by The Food and Drink Federation.

Commenting on the addition of the new qualifications, FDQ Chief Executive, Terry Fennell, said,

“The approval of these Level 3 Qualifications is an important step for those working in or considering food manufacturing as a career. It’s a shame that it has taken such a battle to get these courses added. At least now employers can work with colleges to put on courses such as the Diploma in Food Technology for staff who may be looking to gain their first Level 3 qualification. That said, the food industry is still woefully under-represented within the National Skills Fund for a wider range of food qualifications, which simply beggars belief. We are determined to push on to change that and ensure the food industry receives the recognition it deserves and more qualifications are added to the Skills Guarantee listing.”

Centres in England wanting more information on the Adult National Skills Fund can be found here National Skills Fund - GOV.UK (



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