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Why are FDQ staff on their own apprenticeships?

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

FDQ not only deliver a wide range of apprenticeships and End Point Assessments, but we also focus on the support and development of our staff.

For years FDQ have helped their staff overcome challenges and helped bolster knowledge in many areas of work through the introduction of apprenticeships. Currently three of our Operations Team colleagues have been or are still involved with apprenticeships. Charley, Sophie and Ellie have all had apprenticeship experience whilst working at FDQ.

Charley (Operations Officer):

Coming from university with a background in all things business related, and now the first voice you hear on the phone. Charley achieved a distinction in his Level 3 Customer Service Specialist apprenticeship. "I can't thank FDQ enough, I've overcome many challenges along the way, and it's helped me grow not only as a person but as an employee" Charley is now looking forward to a Level 6 qualification in digital marketing, scheduled for January.

Ellie (Operations Officer):

A new addition to the FDQ team with lots of new bright ideas, Ellie works closely with our Operations Team along with Debbie, our Associate Director of People and Finance. Ellie is currently doing her L3 Business Administrator apprenticeship. Ellie is now 4 months in and she says “The balance between work based learning and one to one tutoring has been great, it’s helped me apply the knowledge I’ve gained so far into my days at work.”

Sophie (Technical Operations Administrator):

Sophie is already a key long standing member of our FDQ Operations team, but always looks continue improving her skillset. Sophie is 5 months into her Level 4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship and says “It’s a different area for me but I’ve always looked to try new things, and so far the experience has been very educational and I’ve learnt a lot so far.

Keep up to date with all of FDQ’s apprenticeships here:

For help with apprenticeships feel free to contact the FDQ office number 0113 859 1266 or contact our End-point Assessment team

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