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Become a Centre

Achieving approved centre status is now easier than ever with our team of experts that will support your centre through every step of the approval process.


To be able to deliver FDQ qualifications your business will need to become an approved centre by simply completing three application forms. These are the Centre Application, Qualification Application and Credit Application forms.

To access our online version of the Centre Approval Application form click here, to access our Qualification Application form click here. Finally to access our Credit Application form click here. Once you have signed and completed the forms press the “Submit Document” button and FDQ will automatically be sent your application forms and we can begin the approval process.


Sometimes the approval process can be a little complicated at first however FDQ is always happy to help you through the process. if you would like to speak to us to gain a little more information, please feel free to call on 0113 859 1266 as we would be delighted to assist.

If you are wanting End-point Assessment facilities only click here, for the link to our EPA only Centre Application Form.

Please see table below with other documents that are relevant to Centre Approval and should help you with the process.

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