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How an FDQ EPA will be delivered

Learn more about how FDQ will deliver your apprentices End-point Assessment.


What is the EPA?

The EPA is the final part of an apprenticeship. It is important so prepare well for it! It is designed to confirm your apprentice has the skills, knowledge and behaviors needed to successfully complete the assessment.

How to book an EPA?

Once your learner/apprentice is ready for their End-point Assessment, you can submit them through our FDQ Awards gateway system. This includes an FDQ apprentice logbook, a gateway declaration form, functional skills and more. The gateway process is completed by the training centre assigned to the learner.

What happens during an EPA?

Once the apprentice arrives at the site where the EPA will be taking place (this is usually located at the site of the apprentices employer) theyh will be met by FDQ's independent examiner assigned to the EPA. They will then talk through what to expect. Most if not all of our EPA's are made up of three components, these are different on each of our apprenticeship standards. You can find out what components the learner will be taking by clicking here.

Timeline for EPA

FDQ will send details of the date and time of your EPA to the employer. The apprentice then has one month to complete their EPA. The EPA Manager assigned to the final assessment will send the apprentices observation plan to the employer five days before their EPA, to help them fully prepare.

Reasonable Adjustments

The employer must inform FDQ if the apprentice is in need of any reasonable adjustments for their EPA; for example extra reading time or instructions in larger font. Make the request for adjustments when your employer requests your EPA test.

What happens after the EPA?

FDQ will confirm the final results, including a grade for the EPA to the employer/training provider within 8 weeks of the EPA day. 

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Our operations and quality team have teamed up to create you a Employer handbook to ensure apprentice readiness, workplace/venue visit details, and further information about your apprentices EPA day.

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The FDQ Promise


FDQ want you to do well and promise your EPA will be:


Clear – so you understand what you have to do on the day.

Supportive – we give your employer and trainer lots of information in the Employer and Training Provider Handbook that will help you prepare for your EPA– make sure you use it!

Fair – our Independent Examiners are industry professionals trained to be fair, reliable and to give you every opportunity to succeed.

Consistent – after your EPA, your examiner will submit a recommended grade which will be moderated at FDQ HQ for Quality and Assurance purposes.

Recognised Awarding organisation

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