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FDQAssess is the new online testing platform offered by FDQ that gives every single learner and apprentice the opportunity to complete their exams on a computer or tablet device. All of FDQ's exam based qualifications and End-point Assessment components are available on this platform along with all corresponding mock exam papers, meaning centres and their learners can complete all practice and live exams through this platform. In addition to this, FDQs endorsed and private program exams can also be completed on FDQAsses.

The exams on FDQAssess have been compiled using the same robust development and quality assurance procedures as those previously available to download from FDQAwards. The numerous benefits to carrying out online exams, include:

  • Reduction in paper use, key to all businesses working towards net zero emissions.

  • No need to store papers prior and post exam being taken

  • No assessment security risk due to no papers being stored

  • Automated marking of multiple choice questions

  • Test results are available within 7 working days of the test taking place

  • Qualification results are available within two hours of the exam taking place


We recommend you read the FDQAssess user guide to familiarise yourself with the process.

To book exams, register the learner on FDQAwards as normal ensuring to select the ‘FDQ online platform’ option. Once you have completed registration you can obtain the pin codes via accessing the learner’s batch information. More details can be found in the user guide.

If further support is required, please request this through


Please see below a video tutorial on how to access our online FDQAssess exam platform


Many of our centres now use FDQAssess for all of the exam based qualifications and have provided fantastic feedback on how this has helped their businesses and learners. This is what some of them have had to say!

“The transition has been easy and feedback from our learners has been positive. Guidance is ongoing from the whole of the FDQ team and someone is always an email or phone call away if uncertain of anything.

In the environment we are all working in the online exam system has allowed us to continue to support local businesses and learners in achieving qualifications using remote invigilation.

Coleg Cambria feel that online examinations have transformed the way we work and the whole experience has been positive allowing us flexibility, more security, quick processing and reduced logistical costs.“

Yvonne Evans

Lead IQA Food manufacture – Coleg Cambria

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