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You can have confidence in our qualifications because they’re designed and reviewed by food industry experts. This means they reflect current industry best practice and work in real life, not just on paper.

We offer a broad range of food qualifications suited to everyone from school-leavers to experienced workers wanting to progress to the next level in the food industry. They cover the entire food supply chain, from agriculture to retail and everything in between.

Discover our range of qualification categories below

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The FDQ qualifications that sit within this suite cover a range of practical skills and knowledge needed in the meat and poultry industry. The apprenticeships provide more in-depth learning of butchery skills and knowledge for retail butchers, in-store supermarket butchers or process butchers.

Bakery and Cake Decoration

This suite of bakery and cake decoration qualifications is designed for learners of all levels – from beginner bakers to professional cake decorators and confectioners.

Supporting the Food Industry

The qualifications that sit within this suite cover the key support functions that are essential to the smooth running of any food business. They are designed to teach technical and practical skills as well as set high standards in core functions within the workplace, including training, cleaning, packing, warehousing, storage and distribution.

Endorsed Programmes

View our range of Food safety language courses.

Animal Welfare and Meat Inspection

Workers in this part of the food industry are operating in a highly regulated area. Some of the qualifications in this suite support the legislation that exists to protect animal welfare and meat safety standards

Food Safety, HACCP & Allergen Awareness

Food businesses have a responsibility to comply with food safety legislation and to implement a food safety management system based on HACCP principles.

Apprenticeship Qualifications

The qualifications within this suite are a mandatory element of the following apprenticeship standards: Level 2 Food and Drink Process Operator, Level 3 Food and Drink Advanced Process Operator, Level 2 Baker, Level 2 Butcher.

Food Industry Skills

The food industry is made up of a wide range of sectors, from bakery to meat and poultry; brewing to fish and shellfish. As such it requires a broad range of skills and knowledge.

Food Technology

Food Technologists, Product Development Technologists and Quality Assurance Managers play a vital role in driving innovation and maintaining food safety within the food industry. These are just a few of the roles learners could aspire to with the FDQ Food Technology qualifications.

Qualifications Wales

We offer a wide range of qualifications which can support the delivery of funded qualifications and endorsed programmes. If you’re looking for something more bespoke – such as additional qualifications or recognition for your training programmes, get in touch.

End-point Assessment material

Why not check out our range of support material for each of our apprenticeship standards?

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