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Skills and qualities you can learn whilst working with FDQ

From operations to quality to media marketing, there's something and someone for everyone to learn from. As part of your development with FDQ, we like to dedicate time to support the learning of our own FDQ team members.


Whether your job is to communicate mostly internally or to talk externally with our centres, you may see an improvement in your overall communciation skills.


Be the best version you can be by performing to the best of your ability. Applying your professional skills will help combine both job-specific duties that can be trained along with transferable traits like work ethic, communication, and leadership.

Strategic planning and scheduling

No matter what department, you will always need to utilise your organisational skills. Whether this be to make sure you're on time to meetings or to plan your workload.

Computer skills

Most if not all FDQ team members use or will have access to a computer or tablet. Being an office based organisation, you will gain and/or enhance your computer skills through day to day operations.


Our team aim to provide day to day targeted support to help reach organisational goals and to support your personal development.


Every new member of staff receives face to face training between each member of our team. This includes learning general day to day activities, how other departments work and getting used to your own individual role. 

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