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Level 4 EPA for Brewer ST0580

Apprentice brewers may work for large-scale breweries with national or international production right through to small micro-breweries. All brewers though are responsible for making beer either at specific stages of production or in its entirety, from ingredients intake to the final product.

The brewer end-point assessment consists of three elements:

  • Practical brewing assessment, underpinned by brewer logbook

  • Knowledge test

  • Professional discussion, underpinned by brewer logbook

The assessments can be taken in any order and may be spread over more than one day. The end-point assessment must be fully completed though within twelve weeks of the EPA gateway.

The standard charge for EPA is 15-20% of the IfATE maximum funding rate, to view FDQ's Fee's Policy click here

Brewer Qualification Specification

Brewer Assessment Details

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Available support guides for this standard to help you and your learners.

Information for apprentices

Support documents are there to help prepare apprentices for the End-point Assessment (EPA).







FDQ Guide to EPA

The Guide to EPA was created to give all parties guidance, support and a full understanding of the Level 4 Brewer Apprenticeship Standard EPA requirements.

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Find Out More

If you’d like to discuss the brewery end-point assessment why not call one of our friendly EPA team on 0113 859 1266 or email us at

To find out exactly what’s involved in an FDQ end-point assessment download the End-point Assessment Guide below.

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