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Reviewing the Law

Quality Assurance

Maintain a high level of quality with FDQ's quality team

What's so good about FDQ's Quality team?

We believe having a team of experienced, friendly, fair and hard working individuals helps us stand out from the crowd. In fact, with many years of combined experience in their field, we are confident to say we are one of the best within the food and drink industry.

What exactly does our quality team do?

Firstly, an essential part of their role is to ensure that all EPAs were completed fairly, professionally, accurately, or to put it into a nutshell... the right way.

They ensure that everyone involved within the EPA process is fully qualified to their individual role. This also applies to each and everyone one of our qualifications. Specifically, our independent examiners who assess the learner remotely or on site need to all be fully equipped with a qualification to assess, along with relevant experience and further qualifications within their field of work. 

Meet The Team

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