Arrangements for the assessment and awarding of vocational, technical and general qualifications.

2021 to 2022​

The qualification regulators have revised and amended the 2020 VCRF framework to enable award of vocational and technical qualifications in 2021 -2022. The revised arrangements come into place 1st September 2021.

The main outcomes are:

  • exams will go ahead

  • Teacher Assessed Grades will not be used

  • all content of FDQ qualifications including professional, occupational, proficiency qualifications will be taught

  • adaptations to delivery and assessment may take place where needed for example due to public health restrictions, however any adaptations to assessment will require support from sector or professional bodies.

Important - adaptations

if your centre would like to discuss the continued or new use of an adaptation, please contact us – all adaptation to assessment must be approved by FDQ.

We have revised our support guidance and this can be found in your centre login area of FDQAwards.

If you would like to discuss any of the above, please do contact us at

More information can be found in the Ofqual Blog: The regulations for VTQs and other generals in 2021 to 22: what they mean for you - The Ofqual blog


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