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UPDATE: FDQ Level 2 and 3 Vocational Technical Qualification (VTQ) Results

VTQ Results Issue 2024 January

Last year, FDQ issued important news about VTQ Results Issue for 2024 to centres.

We sent mailshots to the named Centre Contact and Exams Officer at the centres in scope for Delivering VTQ Results to learners in 2024.

We know that the end of the year and festive season can be a busy time, so in case you missed it please read our first update dated 19 December 2023 at


FDQ will continue to send further mailshots to named centre staff throughout the year.

Our VTQ results information will be held on our website until the 2024 results have been issued. Updates will be clearly labelled so you can find them all on our 'Qualification & EPA News' feed.

January actions for centres

·         If you didn’t check that the named Centre Contact and Exams Officer details are correct on FDQAwards (our centre management system) last year, please do so now so you don’t miss out on VTQ Results information from FDQ!

·         When logged in to FDQAwards, please withdraw any learners who will not be completing their qualifications or have left. Accurate learner records will make the results process easier for us all to manage together. 

·         Please ensure all learners that will require results in 2024 are registered for their qualifications.

·         Apply for Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations as early as possible so this does not delay any assessments to be taken.


Next steps from FDQ

In mid-February FDQ will be in touch with Centre Contacts to confirm the information we hold for your learners due to receive VTQ results in 2024 is correct.


Ofqual VTQ information Hub

·         The VTQ Information Hub is a one-stop shop to help centres plan to meet the VTQ Results issue deadlines for 2024.   It lists all qualifications in scope and details the milestones and key dates for 2024. 

VTQ information hub 2023 to 2024: key dates and deadlines - GOV.UK (



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