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FDQ reach two big milestones in 2023

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Earlier this month we shared a proud moment of reaching yet another milestone in 2023. The news came in that they had reached 2000 certificates that were requested for by FDQ to the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

We know we couldn’t have done this without the tremendous efforts of our customers and FDQ staff, so a big thank you is in order! Together we have helped drive apprenticeships to be the best they can be, making sure apprentices learn skills necessary for the apprenticeship framework.

Our second milestone of 2023 is that we have just recently achieved 1000 followers on our LinkedIn account - FDQ Ltd - Qualification/EPA Support. This means a lot to us, as our aim is to provide our followers with apprenticeship updates, tips & support and best of all national days of the year (who doesn’t want to miss #CheersToBeer or #NationalSandwichDay).

We’d also like to provide a quick reminder to share that we also released a business page on LinkedIn, FDQ Ltd, it’s the place to be for all company updates. The love shown on this account has been great so far, and we appreciate all who come to visit the profile and show their support and feedback.


Charley Taylor

Social media & FDQs Operations Team

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