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Take that next step forward with FDQ's Level 3 Advanced Butcher

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Have you completed your Level 2 apprenticeship? Want to learn more than you already have? FDQ's Level 3 Advanced Butchery Apprenticeship has helped many apprentices grow their career in butchery and has helped them become an expert in their field.

This level 3 apprenticeship was built to provide the tools needed to progress within the meat industry. Whether you would like to move to a management role or become a Buying Specialist, this standard is perfect to help you get to where you want to be. As an employer of an apprentice who have completed their Level 2 apprenticeship, our advanced apprenticeship are designed to be an effective method of upskilling a company to cultivate talent and create a competent, motivated workforce.

As well as high level butchery skills the Advanced Butcher apprenticeship also develops the managerial and technical skills needed to contribute to profitability, and the safe, efficient operation of the business.

So...what does the Level 3 Advanced Butcher Apprenticeship involve?

The Advanced butchery end-point assessment (EPA) consists of three elements:

  • A knowledge test, consisting of multiple-choice questions and short answer questions

  • A workplace observation, lasting 2 hours minimum

  • An interview, lasting 40 minutes and underpinned by a portfolio

Advanced Butchery end-point assessment tests should be completed in this order and within twelve weeks of the EPA gateway. Usually the EPA is completed on the same day.

Become an EXPERT butcher and explore our Level 3 standard here:



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