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Regulatory consultation – Summer 2021

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

The mass vaccination programme continues apace so leaving room for optimism; however the current lockdown remains firmly in place to the 22nd February and likely to continue to March. Whilst government policy is firmly to support education to continue where possible, it is clear that the coming 2021 results season is unsettled.

Ofqual the qualifications regulator in England have released the following consultation on their proposals for assessment and awarding during summer 2021.

Whilst the publicity has been around how A levels and GCSEs and similar, some learners may also not be able to complete other forms of assessment including vocational, technical qualifications delivered by you our FDQ centres. At this stage, FDQ understands that some of our college-based qualifications will be affected by the proposals. Others, such as licence to practise, are out of the scope of the proposal and will go ahead as usual.

When outcomes of the consultation are finalised, we will of course provide guidance by email to your main centre contact.

Please do take a look at the consultation and contribute.


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