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Peer learning

As part of your on the job learning, you may find that talking with others will help and support your ongoing training. Whether this be learning more about the history of FDQ or what their job role entails, you're able to gather expertise and knowledge to potentially learn new skills.

Apprenticeship learning

Learn something new through our apprenticeship opportunities. We're committed to helping you work on areas you wish to build on, or to generally support your continuous improvement. Look out for available job opportunities here.

Job training

Whilst working with FDQ you will acquire new competencies and skills through on the job learning. This can be gathered through the various day to day activities assigned to your job role and develop skills and experiences within your working environment.

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Helping you grow your skillset

Whether it be learning from long serving members of the FDQ team or from an apprenticeship, we're in full support of your learning and development. As an End-point Assessment organisation, we understand the need to grow, progress in your career and succeed.


For any questions that you may have, we're always here to answer them. Call our main office line 0113 859 1266 or contact us via our live chat system using the button below.

Training and Development

Meet our team

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