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Celebrating 10 years with FDQ!

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

We’re incredibly proud to be sharing great achievements like this one! Clive Rowe and David Hickman are two of FDQ’s most longest serving members of our External Quality Assurance team.

In late March, FDQ hosted an EQAC training day where our quality team gathered including our External Quality Assurers. The day involved:

  • Standardising EQA practices using assessment records from active learners and centres. Pleased that EQACs all produced very similar reports on the assessments used in the exercise.

  • IQA activity and considering further support FDQ can provide to centres in future.

  • Ensuring FDQ’s qualifications and assessments are Accessible to all – in line with new Regulatory Guidance.

As the day came to a close and the agenda was complete, there was one final announcement to make! Clive Rowe and David Hickman have spent 10 years with FDQ and the subset of quality management. To celebrate, both were awarded a bottle of champagne and had a picture taken to mark the day.


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